Kempner Memorial Award

The South Florida Railway Museum (SFRM) announced an annual award up to $1,000 to help a club in the Sunshine Region finance a project that provides major value and benefit for the promotion of the hobby.

It is called the Kempner Memorial Award in honor of Marvin Kempner (MMR 405) who was the Patriarch of the SFRM. Marvin visited us nearly every Saturday and provided some interesting stories of his encounters, he was 96 years old when he passed.

Applications for the award should be mailed no earlier than August 1st, and no later than September 30th.

The parameters are simple, an organization submits their request via email with the following information and be titled the Kempner Award. (For example: Kempner Award – Organization Name Here)

Contents of the email should include the name of the organization and a brief description of the project. It should include the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of two organization officers or members who can be reached if a question is to be asked by the selection board. These two members should also be available to receive the grant at the October convention.

The e-mail body should include a ONE-page attachment that fully describes the project and, if it is a continuing project, describes the progress to date. It should include information on whether matching funds are available and the amount, other funding sources for the project, and the estimated total cost of the project. Include additional attachments (up to 5) for photos of the project or other ancillary information that will help the BOD to evaluate the project. Include as the last attachment a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter if you are so equipped.

The submission should be mailed to arrive in the South Florida Railway Museum address no earlier than August 1 and no later than September 30 of the application year.

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