Our goal has been to provide the public with a historical outlook to the reasons America’s railroads played such an important part to the region’s development.  The development of the South Florida area is predicated upon the railroad, both in population growth and industrial needs of raw materials. We do our best to represent these points using artifacts and railroadiana displays.

Our organization has been in existence since 1994.   We are extremely fortunate to be associated with the Deerfield Historical Society.  We offer both history through our displays and explanations of the past and we offer model railroading in the form of two operating layouts. 

We are active in other areas as well, including presenting swap meets of model railroad equipment and railroadiana, and assisting in the sale of collections and estates. Our collection of historic artifacts is constantly growing, and donations are always welcome.

Our membership is varied, and eclectic, from 40-hour workweek members to members where every day is Saturday, to include the proverbial snowbird. From mechanical engineers, programmers, medical personnel, to junior members in High School. We all learn from one another.

Membership requirements of the museum are minimal; you need not have any desire to participate in the construction or any other facet of the Museum, but you can always feel free to participate in what manner suits your needs. Although we encourage all of our members to learn a new skill or research a new project. It keeps you young! We encourage you to visit the museum and meet current members to learn more about us.

The museum holds membership with the Deerfield Beach Historical Society, Florida East Coast Railway SocietyACL/SCL Historical Society, and the National Model Railroad Association.

We are qualified to instruct the public in the “Operation Lifesaver” program, to make people aware of our rail crossings and how they can make them safer. 

Our Board Members

From Left to Right
William (Bill) Steffen – Treasurer / Secretary
Bill has been in this position for many years, he has not made any cruises, or got tied up in mutual funds, although he did complete major landscaping at his house. But we still believe in him, so our assets are safe, therefore he remains. A stalwart member of the organization, he reaches a milestone this year with the organization, 25 years! (Last year I said it was 20, I was wrong,) he has the longest membership of the new SFRM organization. For the past 20 years most of his tenure has been in a supervisory position.
Steve Foster – Director
Steve has been a board member for a couple of years and brings with him a need to organize and produce. Steve is another of our members that believes if you are standing still, you are not moving, let alone in the right direction. No grass grows under his feet due to his efforts to get things accomplished and finished. Our Iowa Snowbird. It is tough to sit around doing the inevitable when he is looking over your shoulder.
Sandra Feldman – Director
Last year Sandra was the “Freshman, or Freshwoman” board member and she has made her presence known in many areas. She is the “new blood” of the organization, her fresh approach to displaying the museum as not only a showcase, but also as a teaching tool has been refreshing. Luckily, she is no shrinking violet, instead a driving force bound on making the museum a teaching experience.
William (Bill) Logan – Vice President / Secretary
Mr. Logan continues to be instrumental in progressing the “N” scale layout to operation besides being an officer. He has led the group of “N” scalers to areas that had not been reached before and provided guidance and taken guidance in the development of the display. He has been available to all who seek his help, and even some who didn’t know they needed help. He is a good asset.
Robert (Bob) Leonard – President / Secretary 
Another year, another year, yes, another year! It is obvious he will expire in this position unless someone steps up and even then it is questionable. Bob remains in place and just as last year he continues to believe it is the easiest of the positions to hold.  His vision last year of new blood, new ideas, the focus has paid off, the museum is in a better position for public consumption.
Alan Chesler – Counsel (Not Photographed)
Alan is not a titled, nor signatured, nor photographed member of the board, at his choice. He defers from talking about politics, health issues, general idiocy, and such (although he can put in a few jabs) and is adamant to stay on the sidelines. Instead, he offers us counsel in many matters of finance, focus, the museum footprint, current and future projects and an all-around voice of common sense and logic. A valued member of the organization for over a decade, his foresight has allowed us the position we have within the community.