First Annual Swap Meet Poster Contest

Design the Base Poster to be used in our 2022 SFRM Swap Meet

First Place:  $200

Second and Third Place: $25

Open to all Members and Non-Members

All applications must be presented to the museum by 5 PM Monday, August 15th, 2022.

The winner announced on Saturday, August 20th, 2022.  The poster must be based around railroading, Engines, Cars, Stations, Track, Loading or unloading Facilities.  Any Era Submission needs to be original work.

Certification by the contestant will be required including a hold harmless for SFRM.  Judges will be the sitting BODs. If a BOD does not wish to participate in the contest, alternative judges will be selected by a blind draw from the membership roster until the 5 Judges are seated.  Drawings should be in color, a photo or drawing, or a combination.   Submission to be 8 and1/2 inches by 11 inches and include an SFRM application form. Basic info and certification as above. All ages, but under 18 will require an adult assumption of liability by completion of the application. Once submitted the art is the property of SFRM.

The selected First Place winning work will become the sole property of the SFRM and can be used in any visual materials without recourse. All other art will be available for pick up by the participants after Judging. If the winning art becomes unavailable the second and or third place art may be asked to assume. Once judging is complete, other than the winning art, ownership of the art returns to the submitter. SFRM and its members have no responsibility for the art other than $5 should it become damaged or lost once in SFRM possession.

In consideration of SFRM owning the winning art, there will be an award to the winner in the amount of $200. The winner will be paid by check. Second and Third place will also receive a cash award of $25 each. Artists competing will be asked to pose for various photos may be identified as the artist and in general and SFRM would appreciate their involvement.

Because we own the winning First Place Art, we can use it as fits our demands. The artist has no rights to the art and cannot use it in any way without explicit written permission from SFRM.

There are no other assumptions or exceptions to this agreement. Entering the contest confirms agreement.

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