New Year 2021

Tis that time of year again, a New Year, a fiscal New Year I mean. Yes, it is that time of year, time for the dues, at least for those of you who get it over with one payment. Anyway, fiscal year 2021 begins in a couple of days, just saying, I am writing this not as a cry for money, but just as a reminder. So, for those of you who might be in arrears please come current with your dues and get ready for the new year. If it had not been for the virus, we would be a few thousand richer by having our swap meets, but that didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean that if you are in arrears, that I wouldn’t be writing this, because I would. 
Speaking of money, or lack thereof. As an organization we need to tighten our financial belt, again we are not hurting, but we need to remain watchful. With that in mind, last year’s “Dollar for Dollar” program yielded a figure that helped, didn’t cover, but helped defray the cost of the A/C units, I think it would be a good idea to do it again. So, sometime during the year we will have another “D for D” program to raise money. 
Also, after we acquired the flat “Blueprint” drawers, thanks to Allen Stevens, we said we would charge a fee for the use of the drawers, but we didn’t. That action was never really instituted, but it will be for the coming year at the rate of $25.00 a drawer. A small price to pay for preventing transportation damages to your precious acquisitions! There are two members who are waived of this fee, Allen Stevens of course, who bought and shipped the drawers here and Sam Feldman. Sam is excluded as a balance for closets, bookcases, chairs, cabinets, power drill, and other sundry items provided by his parents. I rent a drawer, even though I have my own set of drawers, but they are filled with projects that remain in kit form. So, with the reality of a few hundred projects, I rent a drawer.
With the Covid situation under control, (what a difference a year makes, from denial and blatant incompetence to mass inoculations) we may open in September to the public. With more and more individuals getting inoculated I think we may be out of the virus woods and can allow visitors. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines; the thermometer is at the ready for anyone who may be questionable at the door. We normally close for the months of July and August anyway and to open sooner would be only for a few days before we shut down again, so September it is.
It was good to see Butch and Jeanie this past Saturday, I was hoping to see Hermann also, but we got half of the family. Willy did say that she would escort him next Saturday, it will be another pleasant visit, I am sure. As with all our members this past year has been an original, hopefully with the changing tide it will only be a memory shortly. So, stay safe, wear your mask, and welcome the New Year!

Take care,


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