South Florida Railway Museum

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July 2017 NMRA national convention, Orlando



in a ballroom


The Sunland Local - tour of 3 local model RR clubs

Orlando N-Trak

Orlando Society of Model Railroaders

Central Florida Railroad Modelers

July 2017 NMRA Train Show





October 2008 SSR convention, Deerfield



Vic Zarzycki and Richard Lindquist at the Registration table


Louie Dalton Contest Chair filling out entry registrations and claim tickets


Robert “Doc” Chait and Bob Gollings selling convention cars


Paul Mathis presenting a clinic on modern day rolling stock


Brian preparing for his presentation


craftsman “How To” clinic presented by the “late” Brian Nolan and co-presenter Dave Revelia


This room is actually packed, really packed!


Brian Nolan’s award winning “O” scale “Addison Tie & Timber Co. diorama



the wives enjoying the chance to visit


The museum board convention dinner


Another packed room with Brian Banks (purple shirt) presenting a FEC clinic


Scott Mason presenting one of his weathering clinics



Vic Zarzycki’s scratchbuilt-kitbashed freight house


Bob Leonard setting up his display models in the contest room






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