Prior Years Boards of Directors

SFRM 2015-2016 Board Members

2015 BOD

Lyle Bell, Mike Diaz, Lee Korotzer, Ray Fleischmann, John Arena

The 2015-2016 board biographies are outlined below.

Lyle Bell  -  President
Lyle is a fairly new member of the organization but one who has shown great foresight and leadership in solving some very troubling problems. His tenacity and work ethic made him a great choice for this position and we lucked out when he accepted the candidacy. He was our past treasurer, so he is no stranger to the way our board works and yet he still accepted the position of president.

Mike Diaz  -  Vice President
Mike has been around for a while and has held this position before, he knows where the skeletons are parked. He is well known for his knowledge of passenger operations on Class 1 railroads of the past, he is old enough to have rode them. Mike is a part of the nucleus that maintains this organization, good, bad or, indifferent; he always brings something to the party as long as it doesn’t cost money. He was last year’s director, this year’s VP and probably next year he will say “Enough is enough!”.

Lee Korotzer  -  Secretary
Lee has been on the board before in a director’s position, now we get to find out how fast he can take notes and how eloquent a writer he is. Our meetings do not require that much information to be recorded but someone needs to remember where the punctuation goes. He is also our backdoor conduit to the NMRA and very active in the annual gathering of the NMRA around the country.

Ray Fleischmann  -  Treasurer
A comparatively new guy to the organization and full of ambition, which is a good thing for us. Ray has taken the financial reins from Lyle and will attempt to manage the questions of why we don’t spend the money. He will be tasked with keeping all the members abreast of their financial responsibilities.

John Arena  -  Director
The new director is another new guy so to speak. After years of thinking about joining the museum John finally took the plunge a couple of years ago, and this year decided to run for the board. His dedication to the tasks that he is responsible for bodes well for the direction of the museum.


SFRM 2014-2015 Board Members

This is the year that the board members were in the witness protection program!

SFRM 2013-2014 Board Members

2013 BOD

Bill Steffen, Butch Tanis, Bill Muenzenmaier, Lee Korotzer, Bob Leonard

The 2013-2014 board biographies are outlined below.

Bill Steffen  -  President
Bill has been here before and before and before; actually Bill has been in every seat of this board and sometimes more than once! Obviously he is a sucker for punishment, but he keeps coming back! He is well known to all in the community (both local and railroad), being a somewhat local boy. He has done an exceptional job in all the previous positions, we figured, what can it hurt?. An avid train watcher, modeler and traveler, he enjoys the passing train whether 1:1 , or scaled down.

Bob Leonard  -  Treasurer
Bob has given up the Secretary post and retained the position of Treasurer for another year. He can no longer add comments to the minutes, no matter how terse, or satirical. Besides, he couldn’t get the books balanced so we gave him another year to get something in writing explaining it wasn’t his fault. Maybe by the end of the next term the money will show up!

Lee Korotzer  -  Director
Lee is the new guy! Not only new to the board, but also to the museum, but not to railroading. He has some original ideas for improvements and direction that will benefit the museum in the future, so that is why he is here. You could call him a visionary among the un-seeing, the forest for the trees cliché, he sees the forest. Lee is also affiliated with the NMRA as a volunteer to keep the masses happy at the national conventions. We lucked out with Lee, he came as a package, his partner Julia is quite eager to learn and is equally interested in the hobby and the museum.  


SFRM 2012-2013 Board Members

2012 BOD

Lee Korotzer, Richard Lindquist, Bill Steffen, Karl Blomgren, Bob Leonard

SFRM 2010 - 2011 Board Members

Richard Lindquist,

Richard Breton,
Vice President

Bob Leonard,

Vic Zarzycki,


Bill Cialini,













SFRM 2009-2010 Board Members




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