Board Members

2016 BOD

Bill Steffen, Bob Leonard, Lee Korotzer, Lyle Bell, Ray Fleischmann

The 2016-2017 board biographies are outlined below. Board members from prior years are shown here

Bob Leonard  -  President
Bob is back from his world travels and has taken up the reins once again.

Lyle Bell  -  Vice President
Lyle is a fairly new member of the organization but one who has shown great foresight and leadership in solving some very troubling problems. His tenacity and work ethic made him a great choice for this position and we lucked out when he accepted the candidacy. He was our past President, so he is no stranger to the way our board works and yet he still accepted the position of vice president.

Lee Korotzer  -  Secretary
Lee has been on the board before in a director’s position, now we get to find out how fast he can take notes and how eloquent a writer he is. Our meetings do not require that much information to be recorded but someone needs to remember where the punctuation goes. He is also our backdoor conduit to the NMRA and very active in the annual gathering of the NMRA around the country.

Ray Fleischmann  -  Treasurer
A comparatively new guy to the organization and full of ambition, which is a good thing for us. Ray has taken the financial reins from Lyle and will attempt to manage the questions of why we don’t spend the money. He will be tasked with keeping all the members abreast of their financial responsibilities.

Bill Steffen  -  Director
He is the "Been There Done That" guy here. And now he is back in the saddle again.