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Museum Upgrade and Activity

It has been a few years since our renovation by the Florida Dept. of Transportation and we have enjoyed the improvements to the building.

We along with AMTRAK have benefitted from the upgrades of both cosmetic and mechanical changes.
As was said after the renovation, the upgrades have brought the building up to the current construction requirements and standards.
We continue to organize and display different articles of railroading history and someday we may have it all done.

For those of you new to our web presence, welcome! Our challenge is to provide the public with the history of railroading and how it affected the population growth and industry boom from the 1940’s to the 1960’s in the South Florida area. We do our best to explain this through the use of artifacts and railroadiana.

The organization has been in existence since we moved into the station twenty years ago. For some years after the inception the organization plodded along without direction or purpose and without the realization of what could be accomplished. We have made progress this past decade and we are well on our way to getting organized and realizing the potential of the group.

Working with the Deerfield Beach Historical Society and their members the direction of the museum is much more focused.

We are qualified to instruct the public in the “Operation Lifesaver" program, to make people aware of our rail crossings and how they can make them safer. We are also certified to teach the Boy Scout Merit Badge program of those badges pertaining to railroading. We offer both history through our displays and explanations of the past and we offer model railroading in the form of three operating layouts. We are active in other areas as well, including presenting swap meets of model railroad equipment and railroadiana, and assisting in the sale of collections and estates. Our collection of historic artifacts is constantly growing, and donations are always welcome.

Our Membership Requirements of the museum are minimal; you need not have any desire to participate in the construction or any other facet of the Museum, but you can always feel free to participate in what manner suits your needs. We encourage you to visit the museum and meet current members to learn more about us. You can also contact us at:

Click here to e-mail us at

The museum holds membership with the Deerfield Beach Historical Society, National Model Railroad Association and the ACL/SCL Historical Society.


Model Train Swap Meet And Flea Market. Saturday, March 10th, 2018

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a wall panel of the museum

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